Sweet-talkin’ the universe

We are always daydreaming. It is time for us to focus our imaginations on what we do want to create versus the chaos we are using our imaginations to dream into existence. Sandra Ingerman

Ah! Take a deep breath and everybody say ‘Aaaah!’ with me.

Ah. The storm has passed.

If you read my last post – synopsis is lots of crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth, some of which took place in the romance section of a public library – you’ll remember I was in the midst of a watershed.

I’m pleased to report that the feedback I received from many of you, alongside further reading I did, confirmed that yes, releasing emotions is healthy and no, I was not losing my shizzle completely.

One of the many pieces I read was by Sandra Ingerman, a shamanic practitioner and psychotherapist, who talked about mastering the difference between ‘expressing’ emotion and ‘sending’ emotion.

As a shamanic practitioner she believes in the life or spirit in all things, and the interconnectivity between all of life, from us human folk to the animals, trees, waters and even rocks.

As such when we ‘send’ out emotions, particularly anger, we can be sending some pretty nasty stuff out into the web of life.

If you don’t buy this, just think of the last screaming match you had with someone. When they launched angry words at you with great emotional force, did you feel physically attacked? Like a kick in the guts, a stab in the heart? These are all sayings we use to describe the very real effect of emotional energy transference.

So how do you release emotion without ‘sending’ it to other people or the natural environment as toxic energy?


The trick is transmutation.

Trans-what now, you say? Transmutation is basically changing one thing into another. Like the old alchemists turning lead into gold, we can transmute our heavy, dark leaden energies into energetic gold.

And it’s so easy, because all it takes is intention.

And it’s not so easy, because let’s face it, when you’re in the midst of a good angry rant, who wants to stop and transmute their anger into love?

When you do find yourself reacting to others and to life make sure you express your feelings while at the same time transmuting and transforming the energy behind your emotions to light and love. Express don’t send. In this way we continue to feed the energy of love versus hate, suffering, and separation. Sandra Ingerman

All I can say is, suck it up princess. If you want to heal the world one action at a time, this is one of the most powerful practices you can engage in. It takes practice, but like all spiritual discipline, the intention combined with the attempt to practice has an effect way before perfection is achieved. Which is lucky, because I for one, am not going to be perfect at practising this in my lifetime!

Another development that emerged from my existential crisis last week was equally powerful.

As you will know from reading this blog, I have been actively engaged in a journey of manifesting my intentions for the past 11 months or so.

Two of the key practices that have emerged for me are chakra energy work and shamanic journeying. I had a profound realisation this week as I was ‘working’ on healing a physical condition of mine.

I was in the bath – I often practice in the bath with sea salts and essential oils, it’s incredibly healing. An awakening had been slowly dawning on me that when I practice energy work I have the demeanour of a greedy child. It’s always ‘heal me, fix this, shine your light here’. It felt like I was accessing the divine and then asking it to do stuff for me. It felt selfish and grasping.


As I read Sandra Ingerman and a truly wonderful book called The Celtic Way of Seeing by Frank MacEowen, I sensed the true depth of what a shaman told me months ago. She had said that when I was in that state of deep meditation and connection, my spirit would be naturally called in and healed.

This week I have begun to practise just being with the energies I work with. I haven’t asked for any particular healing or tried to ‘force’ the light to go anywhere in particular, I just let myself be in it. The change was palpable. I have felt as if I am literally pulsing with energy. I have also spontaneously wanted to share this energy outwards with others and nature.

The Taoist tradition, the second principle is called ‘wu wei,’ and in Chinese it means literally ‘not doing,’ but would be much better translated to give it the spirit of ‘not forcing’ or ‘not obstructing.’ This means that the activity of nature is not self-obstructive. it all works together as a unity and does not split apart from itself to do something to itself.

In energy and shamanic practice, we can access this state of unity and of unified energy, and I’m realising that just allowing myself to be in that field is all that is required. I don’t need to suck it all in and fill myself up with energy or direct the energy to parts of my body, or any of that stuff. I just need to be open to my connection with this field of energy, this web of life.

Throughout history there have been cases of spontaneous healing which are believed to be a result of harnessing this energy.

Whilst this may seem trivial to many of you, I have had a particularly painful veruca on my foot for many years. It gust keep growing deeper into the tissue and many attempts to cut it and burn it out were to no avail.

A few months ago I set an intention for it to heal. And then I forgot about it. It hadn’t been painful and in truth the only time I though about it recently was when I was seated in a meditation group and I briefly worried that the person next to me would see it – it was an ugly thing.

Anyway, in my bath on the weekend I was massaging my feet and I thought ‘hold the phone!’ I couldn’t find the veruca, I searched one foot, then the other. It was completely gone. I mean so completely gone that I can’t be sure which foot it was on.

And in that moment I had this feeling that anything is possible. And yet I can’t MAKE it happen. I just turn up in the energetic space of non-ordinary reality and just, well, to sound all bumper stickerish about it, let the magic happen.

That said, intention is vital in journeying practice. So I’m not talking about blindly stumbling around in non-ordinary reality. What I’m finding is that my ego-mind has no function in non-ordinary reality. So I set an intention, for me at the moment it’s all about exploration and being guided, and then I let go into the experience.

This awakening has manifested in a beautiful way in my Chakradance practice.

I have been teaching for about six weeks now. Words can’t describe how much I love it, how I feel that I am home, that I am living my destiny when I teach in my beautiful studio.

When I dance with a class I need to hold the space, so I don’t journey to non-ordinary reality as I would if I was dancing alone. That’s not to say I don’t tap into that energy.

I have incorporated the shamanic practice of honouring the four directions, father sky and mother earth, and all the spirit helpers, before I welcome my class.

As such when I am running the class I often feel the presence of ancestral guides, both of the land – I call upon the traditional custodians of the land as part of this blessing of the space. And my participants have connected with the energy of loved ones who have passed on during their dances.

The energy of love created in a group of Chakradancers is profound and powerful. Although it’s not an explicit aim of the class, the nature of a group of people dancing into their spirit-selves, inviting their ancestors and guides to be with them, well, it just creates a powerhouse of loving energy.

As such I have taken to emphasising the practice in the dance of using our arms and hands to send this energy out into the world.

In my mind’s eye I visualise my family, my neighbours, the surrounding suburbs, then the city and the world and entire universe receiving these ripples of loving light energy that we are generating in the dance.

It probably sounds impossibly hippy-dippy to those who haven’t experienced it, but I tell you, I have some very grounded and sensible people who come to my classes who will testify to this experience.

Sandra Ingerman says when you feel power in you, it is meant to be used. Chakradance creates a lot of power, incorporated into the dance is the idea of releasing this power, emanating it into the world. 


In her book Medicine for the Earth, Sandra discusses how the transfiguration into light that occurs when we slip into states of non-ordinary consciousness heals both the participants and the environment. In her
water experiments, groups of people reduced the Ph level of water, but more significantly improved health conditions in participants so much so that the University of Michigan is now doing research on this phenomena.

The bottom line for me is that twelve months ago I couldn’t get out of bed. My body and spirit was so depleted that I just dragged myself through the days out of a sense of duty to my family.

Twelve months later I’m a dancing dervish, filled with vibrancy and passion for life, all life, not just mine, but everything that makes up this beautiful web of life we share.

There are some people who will tell you that Celtic shamanism is about power. I say it is an ancient way of falling in love with the world around you, and within you. Tom Cowan

In his book The Celtic Way of Seeing, Frank MacEowen talks about the healing power of ‘love-talking’ to nature. This is a practice that has come to me quite intuitively as I spend more and more time each day connecting with nature.

Ever since I read the evidence on the effect of grounding, walking barefoot on the ground, I have made a commitment to spend more time in communion with nature. Now it is a craving I feel, I can’t wait to get outside and get barefoot, I drive to waterways and forests just to feel that bliss of my body being restored to a natural state of rhythm and harmony.

The old Irish practice of geancannach – which roughly translates as ‘love-talk’ – it is both an ancient form of poetry called a ‘praise poem’ and a daily practice to express our love of life. Frank MacEowen writes that his mentor Tom Cowan suggests a practice of walking around in nature saying ‘Beautiful… and beautiful too…’

Beautiful is the sky at sunrise, beautiful too is the soft morning breeze. Beautiful the sound of swaying oak branches in the wind, beautiful too, is the sound of the chirping wren. Frank MacEowen

Again, this might sound vacuous to some of you. But I attended a library seminar this week where some very powerful evidence on the effect of words, particularly poetry on a variety of physical and mental illnesses was demonstrated.

Words have power. So why not try sweet talking the universe, for five minutes a day, and just see what happens?


Affirmations on sweet talking the universe from The Celtic Way of Seeing:

I observe the beauty all around me

I mindfully spend the day in love consciousness

I take the time to notice the natural world around me, be it a tree, a feather, a plant to an insect

I give myself permission to connect with the flowing music of nature

I see myself accompanied by the lineage of enlightened warriors behind me, supporting me to manifest my most bold, creative, and enlightened self

I learn to manage the abundant energy of the universe so that I may embody the spirit of prosperity, taking care of myself and others


Images by Phill Petrovic

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