A house or a home?

home 3

I’m glad no one is following me yet. It takes the pressure off. It’s been two weeks since my first post.

Part of this new resolution to intentionality is the idea that in the flow of life things happen effortlessly. I just haven’t been ready to write until now. Deadlines are a product of the ego-driven life, aptly named as we literally kill ourselves with stress trying to meet them. After experiencing hitting a complete physical and emotional brick wall last year as a result of “deadline living” I refuse to participate in that mindset anymore. Things will get done when they get done by me or someone else. Everything is unfolding as it should without the imposition of my self-will.

This is not my nature, to be a go with the flow kind of gal. But I ask myself, if I think I’m so powerful, how about I try making a fish from scratch. Where would I start? How would I manufacture scales that deflect water, enable streamline swimming ability, come in an array of bright colours, and reflect the light in rainbow luminescence. And that’s just the scales, never mind the rest of the fish! Nup, sorry, I’m just not that powerful. (That fish thing is not mine BTW, I wish it were! It’s from the George Burns movie “Oh God!”)

So I find myself after two weeks unsure of where to begin.

My first intention was a home.

I have a home, but it’s not mine. I rent. It’s lovely but very small. Can I say, I am truly grateful for having a home, this home is the perfect home for me right now. I have created a peaceful sanctuary in the inner city suburbs. Though my extensive collection of wind chimes may drive my neighbours bonkers when the wind picks up!

There are many theories of manifesting intentions and desires. Abraham Hicks says if you can hold the intention for 17 seconds without wavering – with doubt, negativity or distraction – you can manifest anything. Try it, it’s not as easy as it sounds. That darn shopping list interrupts me every time!

One strategy that I love is vision boards and mandalas. It appeals to the creative side of me. Above is a mandala I drew after a chakradance ritual. Chakradance is a meditative dance that, as the name suggests, works it’s way through the seven chakras culminating in a mandala drawing and meditative session (see chakradance.com for more info).

I do chakradance in the near-dark, so before you think I’m a crap drawer, just bear that in mind.

The point is my ideal house would be in natural surroundings, with water and trees around and set on high ground. Apparently it will also look like a Japanese temple – bonus!

I haven’t started my vision board yet, but the idea is to find images, and items such as fabric, leaves, flowers, whatever works for you and stick it to a board. Every day you set the intention that your vision IS reality. The idea is that the spiritual realm has no concept of time, whatever we put out there is instantly manifested. It is the eternal now. I guess it just takes a while for the material world to catch up.

Here lies an interesting distinction. A house may be a physical home, but what does a home really mean to me? What would my ideal physical space allow me to do? Be more creative? More calm? Have space to write, paint, dance, do yoga, run retreats? This quote from Marianne Williamson’s wonderful book Everyday Grace popped out at me yesterday and got me to thinking about this.

“To look for the experience of “home” in anything within the material world is to make the world a trap. For it is not our home. It’s a fantastic hotel at best. The realm of physical things – the body included – is a realm of separation, not of true joining.”

That said, I’d rather like a fantastic hotel to house my spiritual home within.

I’d like to finish up with an affirmation by Louise Hay that I have coloured with a starry sky and stuck up on my wall, it fills my heart with joy.

“Deep in a centre of me flows an infinite wellspring of love that fills my whole being and radiates out in all directions, returning to me multiplied. I give and receive more love every day. And the supply is endless.”



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